Sample Theology Essay Paper on Hebrew Bible Ruth

Hebrew Bible Ruth

Why does Naomi want Ruth to go out on her own?
Having been driven out of Judah by famine together with her husband Elimelech, Naomi knew that it will be difficult for her to take care of Ruth, especially now that her husband was dead. She was of the view that Ruth’s family was better placed to take care of her, not forgetting the fact that the probability of getting married again was higher when she was with her family in Moab than in her husband’s home. Additionally, being widows meant that life will be difficult for Naomi and Ruth as they had no man to could take care of them. In fact, the bible classifies widows and orphans among the most vulnerable groups in the society (1 Kings 17:10-24 and 2 Kings 4:1-372 Samuel 14:4-12).

Why does Ruth insist on staying?
Ruth had deep love towards Naomi and felt committed towards her husband’s family, especially her mother in law (Ruth 1:14). Additionally, Ruth was determined to worship the living God that she had heard about from her husband and Naomi while abandoning idol worshipping in Moab, “…and your God my God” (Ruth 1:16).
Why and to whom does Luke claim to be writing this Gospel?
The gospel of Luke was written to provide a comprehensive account of the life of Jesus. It was written to Theophilus which means “…a person who loves God” e.g. Roman people with high interest in the Christian religion, Christians or even gentiles (Luke 1:3).

What does Jesus say are the conditions of being his disciple?
Just like Ruth sacrificed everything and followed Naomi, becoming a disciple of Jesus requires a person to consider its costs because it takes sacrifice, commitment, dependence, submission and complete rearrangement of personal priorities (Matthew 19:16-22). A disciple is supposed to make Jesus the most important aspect of his/her life. Specifically, a disciple should be; new in the spiritual and God’s kingdom (Matthew 9:16-17), crucify his/her own self daily (Luke 9:23 and Luke 14:27), pursue Jesus’ teachings about the kingdom of God (Philippians 2:5), devote to Christ above material belongings (Matthew 6:24), and be fruitful and multiply him/herself (John 12:24-25 and Matthew 28:19). Therefore, a disciple should intimately know Christ and His salvation and commit his/her devotion to Jesus above any human being, material possessions or any worldly philosophy. 

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