Sample Theology Essay Paper on Frederick of Prussia and Emperor Joseph II of Austria

Frederick of Prussia and Emperor Joseph II of Austria

Fredrick and Joseph were enlightened despots who came to power to and introduced great reforms to their respective territories. Fredrick was dedicated to building Prussis to become one of the strongest at that time. He offered the territorial princes position in the government bureaucracy. He also put up universal religious toleration and approved freedom of the press. He put up protection against the laws by speeding up legal processes. Fredrick abolished torture and made death penalty minimal. He came up with first German law code. Joseph enforced educational rules all over Prussia.

Immediately after taking over leadership from his mother Maria Theresa, Joseph enacted a number of reforms that his mother did not consider. Joseph abolished serfdom to put to an end press censorship. He restricted the powers of Catholic Church. He charged churches with the responsibility of caring for the sick and the poor. Joseph gave the minority religions the capability to live and worship in a more free way. Joseph abolished brutal punishments and limited death penalty. He made elementary level of education compulsory for all children in order to bring into being literate citizens. Joseph introduced universal system of accounting and centralized medical care.

The form of government run by the two leaders is efficient because decisions regarding response to predicament are determined immediately. Monarchy leads to conservation of democracy because it offers equal opportunities to every citizen since it does not belong to any party. In military dictatorship, it is the army, which holds power, and in presidential system, power belongs to the political minority. Monarch form of government enhances patriotism because its serves patriotism interests better than republic systems of government.

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