Sample Theology Essay Paper on Essentials of Public Health


Essentials of Public Health

Public health plays a crucial role in the quest for prevention and control of the spread of communicable diseases. The economics of a country as regards to allocation and distribution of resources affects the degree of public health response to fight against the spread of communicable disease. Empirical information unveils that; indicators of economic development such as high employment levels, high literacy levels, and infrastructural development aids in the prevention and control of communicable diseases. In addition, mature politics helps in mobilizing the public and creating awareness of these diseases, which accelerates public health’s response to its course. Gostin & Powers (2006) asserts that political stability also plays a greater role in improving public health. The value of individual liberty in the society allows people to make choices of moral value to their lives. This means that, people are not restricted nor confined to visit certain health centers but have the freedom to do what is right at the right time. On the other hand, certain religious believes hamper public health’s endeavors to the prevention and control of STDs such as religious believes held by Jehovah Witness followers.

Additionally, Levine (2009) opines that Catholics advocate against the use of condoms and other contraceptives, which are highly reliable in the fight against the spread of STDs such as HIV/AIDS. Behind the efficiency of public health, morals play a significant role in the prevention and control of STDs because of the fact that moral helps one to distinguish what is right or wrong. Outside the U.S. certain challenges and controversies such as social structure, poverty, and high illiteracy levels illiteracy affects HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and control. The concept of social justice versus market justice has made it easy for the fight against HIV/AIDS by giving people the freedom to behave and act responsibly. Schneider (2010) opines that political interference on the basic science behind the fight against STDs has affected this course in various ways such as the use of corrupt means for political gains and making of false promises regarding improving the fight against this deadly disease.

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