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Interview Overview


Dr Tim Miller happens to have joined the Standard Chartered in the year 2000. He is currently one of the executive Directors in the corporation. His main job in the Standard group is dealing with Compliance, Real estate’s as well as operational brilliance. Dr Tim is of the opinion that in order to make modern leadership work efficiently there must be the incorporation of interests the leader and the needs of the people. He prefers using ordinary leadership skills that portray his strengths. The people’s needs as well determine his choice for leadership skill.

Dr Tim emphasized that this gets vital as it maximizes the impact of leadership to the target group of people. Moreover, he outlined that different areas of management require different leadership skills that are different leadership skills are applicable in different avenues. Over the years, Dr Tim has been able to apply the specific leadership skills. They have actually gone a long way towards his success as a leader in the Standard group. They include; Participative leadership, ideological leadership, and change oriented leadership. Participative leadership is his best leadership skill. He outlined is as people oriented skill.

This mechanism has proved to be vital in building of interpersonal skills for the employees as well as, a source of motivation because every person gets involved equally. In a situation where the company’s decision needs forced, implementation without the knowledge of the employees this skill should not be used. Ideological skill of leadership is value driven and focuses on the key issues in the place of work. This mode of leadership he says is fundamental in waking up the laying dog. In other words, it quickly reminds employees of their duties and responsibilities at the place of work. Change oriented skill gets used in times when things ought to be done in a new way or style. It incorporates new ideas from workers as well as new experiments and opportunities.

During his time at the standard group, Dr Tim has encountered several difficulties at the place of work that needed quick solutions. Dr Tim’s problem solving process is a seven-step procedure, which he uses strictly to solve work related problems. The first thing to do is identifying and accepting that a specific problem exists and needs to correction. Second is the evaluation of the problem, which includes the root cause as well as other factors, contributing to magnification of the problem at this particular point, he comes up with goals based on the problem at hand which form the bases of the solution. He also attempts to find alternatives solutions for the problems if any just in case the goals set backfire.

Thereafter, he looks at all his choices and selects the best alternative putting all factors constant. At that juncture, he implements the goals and finally evaluates. If the best alternative does not seem to work, he repeats the whole seven step procedure for problem solving once more.
According to Dr Tim people continuously scrutinize our way of conduct and form theories about our abilities, personality, and commitment. For that reason, he says he is exceedingly careful what picture he portrays to the public as it forms the platform of how people are going to judge you. He attributes his exceptional professional image as one of his pillars to success so far.

He emphasized that it all starts with how you dress down to how you express yourself and finally how you control your body language. Dr Tim attributes five aspects as the ingredients to a complete package of an exceptional professional image. The most prominent thing about an important person is the dress code. He outlined that dressing speaks who you are even before you open up your mouth to say a word. Dressing portrays how composed one is as well as personal organization. Second is the responsiveness to customers through the services. Under this aspect, one should be always ready to guarantee the client complete satisfaction. Prompt response to emails is also another way to satisfy a client. Asking for feedback and allowing the client to give possible solutions an issue may also go a long way towards satisfying the client.

Another sheer vital aspect is the communication and listening Ability. Being clear, brief, courteous, and receptive is vital for success. He elaborated that keen listening to clients also helps to create a goo professional image. It is obvious that the quality of Work determines how professional you are. This is because it sends a message to the clients how good you are in what you do. We cannot always ignore what others think about our work. He added that reputation of course gives you a picture of how many clients you have served and go satisfied with your work. Distinction and honesty are the keys virtues to a first-class repute.

His communication skills are similar to those of the people who influence others. He is a bold, and an open-minded individual. He always attempts to seek control over all other people. In other words, he acts as a team leader among a group of people. He does not wait for supervision in order to do responsibilities. On the converse, he motivates persons to work. His communication skills make him most apt as a leader.

Dr Tim’s highest formal education is that of a doctorates degree acquired at the Oxford University. He did his masters and undergraduates degree in business management accounting option at Lowa state university. More to that he has attended several short courses and seminars such as the International Conference for Business and economics, World-class international audit leaders evolution, European conference of intellectual leaders ; mastering international oil gas accounting, and International Conference on Accounting and Finance. According to Dr Tim, his most beneficial formal education acquired was that of the European conference for intellectual leaders. This is because it gave him basic knowledge of not being just a leader, but rather an intellectual leader. He said he applies every single bit of knowledge he acquired from that conference not only at his place of work but also to his family.

His greatest achievement he said was and will always be attending one of the best-renounced higher learning institution, the oxford university, and making history by being the best in his year of graduation. Before Dr Tim joined Standard chartered, he worked with a private investor in his hometown. It was while working there when he learnt the lesson of his life. He happened to fail a basic test of honesty ant it casted him his very well paying job. According to Dr Tim, honesty is being the best policy is the most important lesson learnt in his whole career life.

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