Sample Essay Writing Paper on Comment on my last paper on Facebook

Comment on my last paper on Facebook

It often happens that something good can come with undesired and unanticipated results. Who would have anticipated that something as phenomenal as Facebook would be addictive just like heroin, cocaine and other drugs? I believe technology developers had not anticipated the negative impact Facebook is having in the world. Facebook is destroying the world, making people anti-social and unproductive.

The world is coming up with self-destructive discoveries in the name of technology. The world creates problems and more problems will be created in search of solutions. I am a victim of Facebook addiction since I have found myself spending more time chatting online than going out to meet up with friends or even family members. The urge to facebook is uncontainable and only facebooking satisfies that urge.

Therefore, I can conclude that Facebook has reduced the need for people to interact one on one and it has made the lonely moments bearable. The world will find itself struggling with a unique type of addiction whose cure is hard to find since the technology is irreversible. Facebook addiction is self-created by the people, in search of discovery and invention. Therefore, it can be concluded that the many problems of the world are man-made.

Facebook addiction happens without a warning; no signs that one is getting more and more hooked to Facebook and there is no one to give them a warning unlike drug addiction. Therefore, the world will become more anti-social due to human computer interaction. I feel like people should be made aware of the negative effects of Facebook addiction, which includes reduced productivity and anti-social behavior. The world is becoming full of addictions.


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