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Professional letter


Dear Mr. McKenzie:
The purpose of writing this letter to you sir, is to address the issue of use of glass bottles in storing the drinks that the company manufactures and also innovation opportunities that the company can utilize by manufacturing fruit drinks as well to accommodate all people in all the corners of the world. The company has adopted plastic bottle to store the drinks that they manufacture, with the notion of enabling easy portability. Am not against the plastic bottles when I state this, but I would like to suggest that it would be more appropriate if the company did away with the glass bottles that are widely throughout the world since the company is an international company.

This is because I did my graduate research in the University on this issue. According to the data that I collected from people of all kinds, the young, old, rich, poor, students, scholars, employers as well as employees, it is evident that 94% prefers the plastic bottles. The glass bottles are non-degradable and fragile unlike the plastic bottles that can always be re- used without necessarily offering much intensive care. The company could also increase its profitability by use of fruits to prepare ready drinks. This will attract people who suffer from ulcers since they are not allowed to take soda drinks by medical physicians. This makes them prefer fruit drinks, which they purchase from other companies since they are not available in Coca Cola Company to take care of their health.

I am a Student in the United States currently pursuing my Master Degree in the University. I would in like to work in the field of business in the future. This is the reason why I was motivated to write to you concerning the above issues that could have an impact to the company. I have a passion for business and I am optimistic in the field no matter the competition that is always there. Any opportunity that arises in the field moves me to think critically of the chance that it gives to me to exercise my skills that I have so far gained in my studies.

I admire the diversification in the company in the manufacture of the products it offers. Coca Cola Company has many products like the wide variety of the soda drinks and mineral water. This wide variety of products increases the profitability of the company. I also admire the wide scope of its markets. The company has established its markets all over the world with various processing plants in all the corners of the world. These sub-branches make it convenient for the consumers to access easily the products. The management in the company is effective and cooperative. Due to this good leadership from the management, the employees feel contented with the job as well as the company thus, retaining the qualified staff that has kept the company going.

I would like to request for any internship as well as attachment opportunities in the company if they arise at any time. I would like to exercise my skills and knowledge that I have acquired in my studies as well as acquire other skills from the company. This is because it has been rated as one of the most effective companies in the world.
I will appreciate if you consider my suggestion and request regarding your company and my plea. You can always reach me using my phone number 423-672-2967 and my e-mail address I wish you and the company all the best.
Thank you for your time reading my letter.
Sincerely yours,
Murray Jones
Murray Jones


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