Sample Creative Essay Paper on Smartphones comparisons

Smartphones comparisons: iPhone versus Galaxy

Mobile phones have turned out to be integral part of human life. Advancement in technology has transformed mobile phones from huge brick-like shape to small and stylish Smartphones, which are vastly becoming the leading computing devices in the world. There are over one billion users of Smartphones in the world and the market is still growing. This has prompted a war between Apple and Samsung. Apple used to be leading mobile manufacture with its products such as iPhone attracting a great number of consumers but the death of icon founder Steve Job’s has coincided with decline of its volume of sales. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy series has boasted increase in volume of sales. A number of consumers are torn between the superiority of the two Smartphones. They are compared in terms of form factor, operating system, internal storage, and display resolution (Carare 294). I believe that Galaxy series are better than iPhone series.

Galaxy series S1 to S4 are made up of polycarbonate (plastic) which enhances swapping out battery. IPhone series are made up of aluminum and glass that makes them very fragile. The plastic material of Galaxy series makes them better because it can accommodate rough usage. S4 has a 5.8Super AMOLED screen with more pixel density of 441 pixel per inch compared to iPhone which has 326 pixel per inch. This provides the galaxy series with a high-resolution effort. Furthermore, Samsung colors are visible and more saturated. With the 1080p screen, Galaxy offers a better option of watching movies and playing games (Magid para. 2). S4 has a longer battery life when compared to iPhone 5. Galaxy has 14 hours of talk time and iPhone 8 hours.

Galaxy series uses Android operation system, which is more popular with Google Maps application. Google maps have been available for a very long time and it offers comprehensive and accurate mapping information with complete features such as voice-guided navigation and street view mode. Google map also offers pedestrian navigation and public transport. Galaxy series such as S3 and S4 offers Near Field Connectivity (NFC), which iPhone series do not offer. The NFC connectivity facilitates expedient short-range communication between electronic devices thus easy connection to other consumer devices. The NFC connectivity makes Galaxy series better than iPhone series. S3 and S4 have a pop up play features, which enables users to watch video through a minute floating window. This is normally located on top of other applications that are being used. This feature is not found in any of the iPhone series making Galaxy series better than iPhone series (Sharma 1965).

Galaxy series has standard mass storage and USB host capacity that facilitates easy transfer of photos. iPhone series do not have mass storage mode meaning that individuals do not have an access to file systems of connected storage. In addition, Galaxy series operating system allows third party browser engines to run the system in total contrast to iPhone series, which does not. Chrome is a third party browser engine for android; it is very fast in benchmarks and provides several user interfaces. The other browser engines are Firefox and Opera. The three browsers allow individuals to synchronize tabs between desktop and phone. Galaxy has a quad-core Snapdragon while iPhone such as iPhone 5 is dual-core. This means that Galaxy is twice as fast as iPhone (Sharma 1965).

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