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Get Top Grades with us – Our professional writers ensures that top level research and writing is done. Top research and original writing helps eliminate AI and Plagiarism in your papers.

Our editing and proofreading services enables you to submit your work with confidence. We ensure that your work has no language errors and has a perfect flow throughout the paper.


By having our editors go through your paper, we improve the quality of your paper thus ensuring that the arguments in the paper are judged on merit.


By using our services, the overall quality of your paper is improved. This will enable your manuscript to have a competitive edge over others.

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Getting a professional writer to work on your assignment or an editor to check your work enhances quality and gives you confidence when submitting your work.

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The Art of Top Grades

Writing can be complex especially if we must submit top level papers. While most students or scholars are currently dependent on AI use, the dangers is that AI does not offer deep research that is required. For this reason, getting help from a professional writer ensures that deep research and original writing is carried out. This ensures that the structure of the paper is perfect, formatting done correctly while maintaining clarity and flow throughout the paper.

Structural Editing

Professional & Affordable

Formatting, Clarity and Citations

Non-AI & Reports

Clarity and Citations

Human Generated Texts

The Structure – Excellent Flow from beginning to the end

Professional editing that ensures that all the sections of your paper have the right structure that focuses on the theme of your paper.
  • Ensures that paper sections and chapters are organized
  • We remove repetitions in sentences and thus getting rid of redundancy in your papers
  • Get the right titles and headings for each section of the paper
  • Our editors will help improve sentences transitions and improve paragraph flow

Having an editor work on your manuscript will definitely help improve the quality that you want to present to your readers. Checking and improving the structure of your manuscript guarantees that you do not lose your thoughts as ideas flow from the beginning to the end. Most readers are captivated by documents that have the right structure; where thoughts flow freely and ideas presented professionally.

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Paper Formatting – Experts in all Formatting Styles

Eliminate obvious errors in your formats that result from the ever-evolving writing styles. Our professional editors will format your papers either in APA, MLA, HARVARD or Chicago writing styles.
  1. Our Editors will ensure that the body texts and titles are properly formatted
  2. Ensure that the title page is formatted according the format given
  3. We insert the page numbers based on the paper format
  4. Create a professional Abstract for your paper
  5. Include tables and keywords where necessary
  6. Ensure that the paper has the right margins
  7. Enter correct spacing and indentation
  8. Add explanatory footnotes where necessary

Get professional editing and formatting done at affordable rates today!

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Clarity and Citations help

Get professional editors ensure that your paper has clarity with proper citations. This ensures that the presentation of ideas is well formulated throughout the paper.
  • The editors ensure that your arguments make sense to the reader by ensuring that they are consistent from beginning to the end.
  • The editors check concepts used, ideas and key phrases
  • We ensure that your writing is audience centered.
  • The key points and conclusions are checked too to ensure that the reader does not miss them

Citations are key in writing. The author must have an understanding of the writing style used in citing the paper and while preparing the references.

Our editors therefore will:

  1. Ensure that your reference pages are professionally formatted.
  2. Check the formatting style required and then edit your paper based on those requirements.
  3. The writing guides or formats are improved often. It is therefore important to keep updated with different writing styles. Our editors are conversant with the following styles: Chicago, MLA, APA, AMA, HARVARD and Vancouver.
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— questions & answers —

Frequently Asked Questions

To understand our services better, we have prepared questions and answers that most users tend to ask before placing an order with us.

Is the service confidential?
Yes! We keep our interaction with you totally confidential. Once you pay for the service, the content once submitted, becomes your property and cannot be used anywhere else.
Do you offer editing services?
Yes! Simply submit your text via order form and indicate the nature of service you want. Either grammar and formatting or AI texts removal.
How do I know that my text is not plagiarised?
Our professionals write texts from scratch. We also attach a plagiarism report together with your order.
How do I know that the text is not AI generated?
We ensure that our professionals understand what you need. All texts are written from scratch. On top of that, you get an AI report when we submit your completed text.
Are you available 24/7?
Yes! Our team are available to help you with any questions that you may have. We ensure that your order is delivered on time.
How do I contact you?
We have provided an email address, a phone number and a LIVE CHAT, which is available 24/7.

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Conflicts in workplace...

WOW! I was struggling with CHATGPT generated texts and my turnitin reports showed that i could not submit. Your team worked on my work and I was able to get a positive report from Turnitin checkers. You saved a life. Thanx!

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Advocacy to Impact Population Health...

I have struggled with AI until I met these guys. The service was quick and affordable. Thank you for getting me the AI report together with my work. This gave me confidence that the work was indeed written by a human.

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Remove AI from Application letter...

I have produced my own application letter using AI and I needed someone who could rewrite it using the information I had provided. Amazingly these guys produced new and original piece as if the AI text I provided never existed. Amazing service.

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How does media-support teaching and learning...

I’m usually busy and have literally no time. I gave them a try and I am amazed at their professionalism. At first, I was afraid of AI use but they provided both my paid service together with a free AI report. Thank you guys.

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